About Go Research

Strategic Behaviour and Insight specialist

Approach to Research: GO Research understands client needs and drivers after years spent working in different research agencies in London and Edinburgh, as well as advertising, Government, public sector and commercial client teams. Go Research can comfortably slot into your preferred way of working and stakeholder dynamics

Before GO: Before founding GO Research in 2019, Geraldine worked for London-based research agencies Spinach, Opinion Leader, Hall & Partners, Ipsos MORI, Qualvu and for Kantar TNS in Edinburgh. She founded her own consultancy through a desire for greater freedom and flexibility in servicing her client's needs

Researching Scotland

Scotland continues to go through changes and challenges and being able to understand and document these is of great interest to me. I conducted my Honours thesis in Social Anthropology on the island of Eigg during its historic buyout from its landlord and I worked in the Scottish Parliament from its very first days in 1999

The Independence Referendum in 2014 provided numerous research opportunities in seeking to understand voters needs and priorities as well as their attitudes to leaders such as Nicola Sturgeon. I was able to contribute to television programmes and commentary as the desire to understand Scotland’s contradictory psyche deepened as people continue to try and find the optimum balance of past and future in turbulent times. This work continues as I work as part of the team facilitating the new  Citizens' Assembly of Scotland, that launched in October 2019


My work with public sector clients such as the Scottish Government, Scottish Food Standards Scotland and Scottish Water demonstrated how insight, policy and communications work now has to work much harder and in the face of continuing societal complexity. Applying Behavioural Economics, ‘Behaviour Change’, thinking continues to provide clarity and direction for intricate communication and policy objectives

By helping to develop new communications strategies – from insight to execution – I am also able to draw from my extensive experience of brand and communications research with global clients such as Unilever, P&G, Mars and Nestle. I work across the communications spectrum from insight gathering, creative development, evaluation and strategy development and have worked extensively with advertising Planners in devising strong communications solutions


This melding of public and consumer research allows me to uncover true, human, insights before elevating them as engaging and pragmatic solutions for clients. The focus on the user and their experiences continues to take centre stage and my work with Social Security Scotland benefits development has allowed me to develop online user experiences that are based on real needs and behaviours to help deliver a smooth experience, which in turn improves efficiency and engagement

With GO Research, I want to use my expertise to work with clients to help solve complex problems, guide choices and uncover authentic insights and narratives for specific brands and audiences

Personal desire and aspiration, cultural trends, social mores and consumer drivers all contribute to who people are and what they  want to do. Uncovering and understanding this context will help to build stronger strategies and focused communications

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