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Face to face research: Depths, in-homes, ethnography, conflict groups

User Experience

Synthesis & Strategy

Online research

“I’ve worked with Gerry across a number of campaigns over the years, and it’s always been an extremely valuable and enjoyable experience. What is particularly special about Gerry is the way she takes the time to really, properly understand what we are looking for and what we need as a client. This enables her to really get under the skin of the target audiences we are asking her to research and also means the actionable insight she provides will always inform the development of campaigns in a meaningful way.”

Gregor Urquhart, Head of Smarter, Wealthier & Fairer Marketing at the Scottish Government

Case Studies

Scottish Government: Parental Alcohol Strategy


  • To explore and find consensus in a unifying objective and accompanying Scottish strategy to help to reduce parental drinking in the home/around children


  • Day-long workshop session with all relevant stakeholders: charity, academic, advertising, Government (Marketing and Policy). Use of behavioural economics/Behaviour Change model to filter and apply insights and actions


  • Agreement on key communications approach, target audience and messages for future Scotland-wide campaign

BBC Scotland: New BBC Scotland Channel Positioning


  • To develop research findings into core strategy territory for the proposed new channel by utilising insights, benefits, RTB and USP elements: delivered overall strategic positioning linked with example/reflective programming content


  • Day-long workshop session with senior Heads of BBC Scotland as result of initial research findings on existing response to BBC Scotland programming/prognosis for a new channel
  • Second session with internal senior channel team to create and refine the broad territories to test amongst audiences to ultimately deliver the richest and most credible positioning for the new channel


Key insight identified and template positioning strategy devised, in alignment with content and audience focus

Scottish Water: New Strategy Development


  • Creation and development of a new strategy based on a desire for greater customer focus and relevance


  • Day-long workshop with Executive Leadership team and use of existing research to enable relevant insights and benefits to be linked with core USP/goals


  • A new, emotionally motivating, strategy reflecting mutuality of company and customers

Dairy Crest


To consider previous research to reflect on possible portfolio opportunities and market trends


Desk research/literature review of years’ of research projects – quantitative and qualitative – to draw out key findings, insights, trends and key brand strengths for future new product development