Before forming Go Research in 2019, I worked with a variety of brands and organisations while working at previous agencies



What can I do for you?



In-depth interviews; in-home, B2B, ethnography

Focus groups; discussion, conflict groups, friendship groups, co-creation sessions

User experience research: user experience; online tasks, design optimisation

Co-creation, brand identity, diversity, deliberative


  • Deep analysis of findings
  • Grid analysis for complex projects/segments
  • Quotes and context
  • Analysis /brainstorm sessions
  • Written reports; Word and PPT
  • Executive summaries
  • Desk research/ document reviews and synthesis
  • Brand mapping
  • Brand and communications/ proposition breakdown: insight/benefit-brand value/RTB
  • Customer journey maps and optimisations


  • Analysis closely tied to business and research objectives
  • Clear pathway ahead
  • Over-arching themes
  • Implications and actions for all stakeholders
  • Immersion sessions and workshops for internal communications
  • Workshop design and facilitation
  • Multi-stakeholder sessions for complex communication issues
  • Behaviour change thinking applied to internal and external communication challenges

Creative Discipline: What to do and why
Using the discipline of a highly qualified researcher to reveal the unseen, inspired, solution

Face to face research: Depths, in-homes, ethnography, conflict groups

The opportunity to go beyond the claim, to challenge thinking and create trust and confidence is essential, especially for complex issues or sensitive topics. Allowing the audience to consider their truth, in their words, reveals deep insights into their lives and aspirations


Bringing together people to consider and create on a wide variety of complex issues. I can design and facilitate the right approach.
Co-Creation workshops: target groups enabled to express needs and thinking around future products, services, brand portfolio or core values and future strategy
Diversity workshops: diverse groups brought together to respond or iterate on single issues or strategies that will affect all. Enables detailed analysis and targeting of most salient needs/ groups
Deliberative workshops: Complex issues requiring public understanding, support or engagement. Enabling people to make informed decisions
Internal stakeholder strategy: Team immersion to create solutions to critical issues that benefit from consensus and buy-in

User Experience

Optimising website experiences for target groups. 1:1 sessions with follow-up discussion to observe behaviours around tasks, followed by considered discussion on overall issues or themes. Pinpoints actual, not claimed, experiences and identifies problems and solutions for the ideal experience

Synthesis & Strategy

Pulling together months/years worth of reports, findings, summaries and synthesising the key features, themes and insights into one concise and clear report or presentation. Helps to end replication of research, establishes ‘gaps’ in knowledge and provides pathway to next steps

Online research

Flexible and revealing platform to gain truth without inhibition or censure. Option for blogs, message boards, forums, illustration