Gets under the skin of the target audiences

I’ve worked with Gerry across a number of campaigns over the years, and it’s always been an extremely valuable and enjoyable experience. What is particularly special about Gerry is the way she takes the time to really, properly, understand what we are looking for and what we need as a client. This enables her to really get under the skin of the target audiences we are asking her to research and also means the actionable insight she provides will always inform the development of campaigns in a meaningful way


Gregor Urquhart, Head of Smarter & Fairer Marketing
Scottish Government

Valuable Insight…

‘Gerry has delivered valuable insight for Leith on a wide range of Scottish Government topics. She’s proved time and again that there’s no topic so taboo (testing your poo) or contentious (community sentences as an alternative to prison), that she can’t get under the skin of what people think and why. Most importantly she knows how to help agencies find practical, springy ways-in to changing attitudes and behaviours.’

Thea McGovern
Associate Planner at The Leith Agency